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Kwikspace delivers and installs over 1 700 relocatable buildings in only nine months

Over a 9-month period in the current financial year, Kwikspace executed 630 projects, delivering and erecting more than 1 700 prefabricated, relocatable buildings covering 55 000 m2. Of these, over 700 units covering 30 000 m2 were sold, and the remaining 1 000-plus units covering 25 000 m2 were rental units, with rental periods varying between one and 24 months.

The units, which included Kwikspace’s range of standard sizes and those tailored to exact specifications, were ordered by a variety of industries, with government, commercial, industrial, construction and mining dominant among them. Orders included siting and joining of double wide units and Kwikspace’s Kwikspan offering (35 m in length) on site, with many clients requesting extras such as air conditioning, burglar bars, security doors and other requirements suited to their needs.

Applications for which the units were used are across the board, and those required for COVID-19-related purposes receiving priority status. General applications included accommodation, clinics, storerooms, offices, kitchens, canteens, boardrooms, laundry rooms, classrooms, guard houses, training rooms, change houses, locker rooms, toilet facilities, disabled ablution facilities, green rooms and computer rooms. COVID-19 related applications included screening units, isolation units and ICU wards.

“The excess of 1 700 units in this time frame equates to an average of eight units per day working on a five day work week,” says Kwikspace Chief Operations Officer Roberto Campos. “This extraordinary production and installation achievement is attributable to Kwikspace’s employees’ work ethics and commitment to outstanding service delivery.”

COVID-19 specific units
Kwikspace provided both rental and purchase units specifically to aid with the COVID-19 requirements and to help with the screening and subsequent hospitalisation of COVID-19-positive patients. Industries and company types benefiting from Kwikspace’s fast turnaround time included laboratories, hospitals, education, training, water treatment, supermarket chains, research institutions, gas companies and mining houses.

“The nature of the orders demanded priority, ensuring the fastest turnaround times in our company’s history,” Campos says. “Among our fastest delivery times were four units for a leading global health and research institute based at Tembisa hospital, delivered and erected in 24 hours, with other units delivered anywhere from three days to just less than three weeks. The latter included 14 units across three provinces to ensure adequate screening facilities.”

To ensure personnel were at minimum risk, Kwikspace provided all necessary personal protective equipment for COVID-19, and installed additional locker rooms and showers to simplify adherence to correct social distancing. “We also instituted a continuity plan and coronavirus monitoring protocol, which were implemented throughout all Kwikspace branches and facilities countrywide,” Campos concludes.

Categorised as an essential services provider for the manufacture of COVID-19 required facilities, Kwikspace was permitted to return to business on 4 May 2020.