Panel Technology

Panel Technology- Prefab Buildings

Kwikspace is the largest supplier of ABT (Alternative Building Technology) walling and roofing systems into the African market.

Our team will help you select the most appropriate technology for your project, whether it is for relocatable, site erected, temporary or permanent need. Some of our systems can be built on concrete foundations or suspended floors of steel, timber etc. and with a variety of roofing systems.

Kwikspace currently offers 5 different walling systems:

  5. LSF


Our KWIKPREMIUM technology is a high quality 40mm steel clad (Aluzinc ZA150)  panel which is filled with polyurethane at 36kg/m3.

This panel can be used as a walling and roofing system and provides excellent thermal properties with good strength.

This panel can be used for all the applications and exclusively for relocatable buildings.  It is the quickest system to erect and finish and most cost effective

Polyurethane is significantly superior to polystyrene in this application in that:

  • It holds its form in the case of fire and does not melt which can lead to premature building collapse and spread of the fire
  • It has superior thermal properties R1.81  Typically a 40mm polyurethane equates to a 65mm polystyrene
  • Acoustics property is 34dB
  • It is moisture and insect resistant and fire retardant
  • The polyurethane itself forms the bond to the steel and does not rely on adhesives so delamination is avoided


Kwikspace’s KWIKFIRE product offering comprises a high quality 40mm steel clad panel with a 30 minute fire rating and Agrément South Africa certification.

This panel is filled with polyurethane and has an additional 12mm Magnesium oxide board manufactured in the panel which provides the fire-resistant properties. The properties are similar to the KWIKPREMIUM panel.


KWIKMAX comprises premanufactured panels clad with magnesium oxide or fibre cement boards.

They come in sizes of 2.7m high by 1.2m wide. The panels are filled with high density polyurethane which hold fire retardant properties. The thermal and sound rating of these panels are exceptional and has Agrément certification.

The KWIKMAX panel can be used as double storey without additional load bearing structures. Over 3,500 structures have been built with this panel to date in Southern Africa.


KWIKPLAST is used for permanent applications and is Agrément Certified.

It consists of an EPS (expanded polystyrene) core clad with a high tensile reinforcing mesh and then plastered on site. This system is used for buildings up to 8 storeys high and gives and excellent hard plaster finish with outstanding fire and thermal ratings.

It is also ideal for internal walling and is often used when buildings are modified from offices to accommodation facilities due to the low weight per square meter.


We have our own in-house design and fabrication capability.   This system is excellent for upper end users seeking high thermal and sound performance from the building system.

Light Weight steel frame is governed by its own building code (SANS517) in South Africa.

Our LSF roof system has been used extensively throughout Africa on all of our walling solutions.

The benefits of this roofing system are the accuracy of fabrication, speed, cost and can be shipped to any site in Africa.