Kwikspace is Africa’s leading manufacturer of temporary and permanent prefabricated accommodation for use across numerous industries. Parkhomes, modular accommodation or prefabricated accommodation is ideal for numerous industry and domestic applications.


We understand the need for fast, efficient solutions in the medical industry where time is of the essence. For this reason our rapidly deployed modular buildings and parkhomes are highly suited for use as clinics, hospital wards, dispensaries, laboratories and consulting rooms.


From hospitals and medical centres that require treatment space to rural clinics that aren’t easily accessible by road, our comprehensive prefabricated building solution is the way to go. Our buildings can be constructed as permanent structures or can be supplied as mobile parkhome units.


Modular prefabricated buildings are as comfortable as traditional buildings and our panels provide excellent insulation, a high level of comfort, are easy-to-clean and are ideal for hygienic environments whilst the Kwikplast technology is perfect for solutions which require extended fire and health and safety ratings.

Our Kwikfire panel technology is Agrément-certified.

Clinics for Any Site, Any Requirement

Kwikspace modular construction can be used for virtually any requirement:


Prefabricated single ablution space available in 6, 9, 12, 15 or 18m in length. All units are either 3 or 3.5m wide. Available for rent or purchase.


Buildings are 7 m wide and prefabricated in two 3.5 m ‘halves’. Unit lengths are from 6 to 18 m long increasing in 3 m increments. Available for rent or purchase.

Kwikspace has over 50 years’ experience in supplying modular, prefabricated buildings across industries in Africa.

Clinic Fittings & Furnishings

All electrical fittings like lights, light switches, plug sockets and required cabling come standard with each Kwikspace modular prefabricated clinic. Extras like air conditioning and security bars are optional.

Why Our Clinics?

Kwikspace clinics have been used as primary healthcare clinics, training facilities, as well as HIV clinics in remote areas.

Ideal for any industry:




Military & Police

Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas



Aid & NGO

Power & Energy

Power & Energy


Entertainment & Sports

Modular Buildings to Your Requirements: Our Capacity is Defined by Your Needs!