Kwikspace News

  • Kwikspace serves Western Cape education with 26 mobile classrooms

    Partnering with the Department of Public Works (DPW) as a selected preferred supplier in the Western Cape, Kwikspace is assisting DPW to improve school infrastructure with 26 mobile classrooms and two ablution units. Kwikspace is currently involved in three task orders as part of its ongoing commitment to safe education.

    The Department of Basic Education has a mandate to eradicate inappropriate structures in schools, specifically unsafe classroom structures and asbestos classrooms. The need for school infrastructure support is overwhelming and Kwikspace takes great pride in being able to provide safe spaces for children to learn and grow.

    Kwikspace’s modular prefabricated buildings are as comfortable as traditional buildings and its panels are easily cleaned, hygienic and require low maintenance. High-quality polyurethane injected panels provide excellent thermal insulation and noise reduction with a lower carbon footprint – the perfect classroom to foster learning and development. “Our mobile classrooms comfortably accommodate 40 learners and are effective in preventing dust, water and insects, making them an ideal mobile learning environment”, says Mico Botha, Kwikspace Regional Manager, Cape Town.

    Soon, learners in Mitchells Plain, Imboniselo, Orchard, Scottsville, Charlton and Sibabalwe will be learning in new, safe modular mobile classrooms and have brand new ablution facilities that are safe, dignified and hygienic.

    Lighting, electrical plug points for teaching aids, blackboards and pin boards are supplied standard with all modular school buildings and all the required cabling comes standard with each Kwikspace modular prefabricated classroom and ablution unit. From site preparation to hand-over, Kwikspace’s modular, prefabricated units are rapidly deployed and have a lifespan of up to 30 years.

    Kwikspace’s efficiency, quality products and exceptional service make them the preferred supplier for the Department of Public Works in the Western Cape for all their school needs.

  • The ultimate space for the ‘ultimate human race’ – from Kwikspace

    Kwikspace sponsored two single-wide (6 m X 2.4 m) prefabricated relocatable units for use as time-keeper offices at this year’s Comrades Marathon and another single-wide unit, which was used to house the Marathon’s co-ordinating staff.

    Positioned a few metres from the finish line, the Kwikspace time-keeping offices were fitted with air conditioning units ensuring a comfortable temperature for time-keepers to do their work. Burglar bars were added to the windows, which allowed Marathon officials to set up everything needed prior to the event, knowing that any valuable equipment would be secure if left overnight. The co-ordinators’ office was similarly equipped.

  • Providing Kwik solutions for mining

    Kwikspace, Africa’s largest manufacturer of prefabricated modular buildings with over 45 years’ experience, has supplied mines throughout Africa with both temporary and permanent accommodation. The Kwikspace product offering ranges from temporary facilities during green or brown field projects to permanent facilities such as offices, clinics, kitchens, canteens, control rooms, ablutions and accommodation, Kwikspace offers fast, innovative solutions for any mine accommodation requirement.

    “Delayed start-ups and downtime on any project is counterproductive, costly and should be prevented says Andre Prinsloo, Kwikspace Rentals Executive. It is here where Kwikspace plays a pivotal role. As a result of the manufacturing capacity and expertise, clients ordering Sales units are assured of a quality product, timely delivery and a great experience. In fact, there is no other company in sub-Saharan Africa with the manufacturing capacity to service orders across the continent within tight delivery deadlines.

    In addition to the Sales units Kwikspace also offers a Rental solution. According to Prinsloo some of the advantages on the Rental side include a reduction in capital expenditure, flexibility, scalability and rapid deployment. Rental units are typically deployed within 5 to 10 days from date of order. As the market leader, Kwikspace has the largest Rental fleet in sub Saharan Africa and offers Rental solutions throughout South Africa.

    Due to the fleet size Kwikspace can accommodate significant orders ranging from short term projects such as maintenance shutdowns or long term accommodation camps in a range of market segments ranging from mining, construction, Oil & Gas, Education and Health Care. In certain sectors some clients will increase their maintenance staff by ten to twelve thousand people for a single shutdown. Kwikspace has the ability to handle this kind of volume and supplies a range of offices, ablutions and shutdown centres to accommodate the influx of people. In addition to the Rental buildings Kwikspace also provides furniture and equipment that are supplied as a Rental or outright purchase option.

    With five branches strategically located across South Africa, Kwikspace has the capacity to assist with high-volume orders for mobile buildings required for camps, special events, ablutions and offices. With our track record of successful projects, we strive to remain the first port of call for our clients.

  • Kwikspace leads the way in SHEQ Manufacturing

    Employees are an organisation’s most valuable asset and, as such, it’s crucial to ensure their physical and mental well-being to increase workplace safety, boost morale, retain talent and reduce employee-related costs.

    The South African Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Act, No. 181 of 1993 (OHS Act) requires every employer to provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and without risk to the health of the employees. Kwikspace strives to manufacture alternative building solutions that are safe with no hazards to employee or client health, and no impact on the environmental. Kwikspace products are all of high quality and comply with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007.

    From employees to contractors, clients and the environment, at Kwikspace, safety is a company-wide commitment. “We continually assess, manage and improve our standards in order to mitigate risk and promote well-being and sustainability,” says Georgina Björkman, SHEQ Administrator. “Our modular factory-built accommodation is built to high and prioritise the safety of our employees and end-users at all times.” At Kwikspace, Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) stewardship is central to the company’s values and fundamental to the way they do business.

    In spite of good legislation, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is in crisis in many South African workplaces. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) estimates that work-related diseases represent the main cause of workplace fatalities globally – almost six times more than occupational accidents. Workers in South Africa are generally exposed to a large number of occupational hazards, which often result in negative health outcomes. Kwikspace conducts regular checks and medical assessments like fitness and tests in order for occupational and non-occupational diseases to be prevented or managed effectively.

    “From a safety point-of-view, we understand the hierarchy of incidents and how they happen in order to prevent them.” At Kwikspace, safety is not one person’s responsibility. “It’s a shared responsibility and we strive to instil a culture of safety within every division”, says Björkman. Employee health and safety in the workplace remains a top priority. Legislation must be translated simply for people on the ground, to ensure that they understand the importance of the function. “When it comes to SHEQ, we know we are effective when our teachings are taken home. SHEQ influences people’s behaviours. It is fantastic when safety education at work infiltrates into a community. To affect a culture change, we must first have widespread behaviour change.”


  • Kwikspace enters channel partnership with Kaap Agri

    Kwikspace and Kaap Agri, the specialists in agricultural, fuel and related trade and retail markets in Southern Africa, have entered into a channel partnership that will see Kaap Agri stores promote the Kwikspace offering.  The partnership agreement, signed during May 2019, is the first promotional/reseller partnership entered into by Kwikspace.

    Initial roll-out, which began shortly after the agreement was in place, utilises Kaap Agri stores in Paarl, Franshoek, Ceres and Vredenberg. The Paarl outlet now has Kwikspace’s 3 X 6 m relocatable units on display in open-plan format, with the remaining three stores utilising promotional banners and specifically trained sales personnel to promote the product lines.

    The tangible display provides customers with a look and feel opportunity, allowing them to familiarise themselves with unit composition. The Kwikspace-trained Kaap Agri sales teams across all stores provide accurate and detailed information on all aspects, including flooring, finish types and the range of available extras like air conditioning, burglar bars, special lighting and other options

    “We approached Kaap Agri due to a mutual client profile – specifically in the agricultural and construction industries,” says Mico Botha, Cape Town Reginal Manager, Kwikspace. “They have an established footprint of 60 stores nationally, which provides us with a new platform to market our product lines and access to market. Potential customers in these stores will be able to see how Kwikspace relocatable units can be used for a variety of onsite applications, from accommodation to kitchens and laundries, to dining rooms, offices, store rooms, guard houses and even mobile clinics among many others.”

    “Kaap Agri is an inspiring and forward-thinking leader in SA business,” says Botha. “They have an open mind to new opportunities and have very approachable leadership. Our entire product range, optional extras and updated pricelists are communicated to the Kaap Agri sales teams, who also receive training from Kwikspace.”

    Kwikspace retains all responsibility for manufacturing, preparation, delivery and handover of all units bought via Kaap Agri outlets.

  • Kwikspace provides lecture space for technology students in Bellville

    Kwikspace was approached by the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, a longstanding client, to assist with modular units as part of a facilities improvement project. Kwikspace is Africa’s largest manufacturer of prefab and modular buildings that provides prefabricated, modular solutions for any accommodation requirement across industries and locations.

    CPUT is the only university of Technology in the Western Cape, and the largest university in the province. It required extra space to accommodate lectures and Kwikspace provided two non-standard Kwikspan units to be used as lecture halls for the Bellville campus.

    Kwikspace is renowned for its efficiency and for the quality of their products, which are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2008 and OSHAS 18001:2007 standards and have a minimum life of 20 years. Quicker than conventional building techniques, Kwikspace’s alternative building technologies are ‘Kwik to Deliver, Kwik to Setup’. Implemented as prefabricated, pre-assembled buildings, Kwikspace solutions are cost-effective and fit perfectly with CPUT’s ethos of being “efficient, sustainable and environmentally conscious.”

  • Kwikspace supplies 100+ units for GDE school expansion project

    Kwikspace supplied 119 prefabricated modular buildings to various schools across Gauteng for the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE). Used as temporary classrooms, kitchens and ablution facilities, these mobile units form part of the GDE’s school expansion project in the province. The project is aimed to ensure there are sufficient structures in place to accommodate the increased number of children enrolled for the 2019 academic year.

    Of the 119 units, 80 are classrooms, assembled from Kwikspace’s double-wide (7 X 7 m) prefabricated modules, 31 are kitchens and eight of them ablution facilities, each prefabricated as single-wide (3.5 X 7 m) units.

    Delivered to over 70 primary, high and special needs schools along the length and breadth of Gauteng, each unit included the required lighting and plug points, as well as the standard blackboards and pin boards for each classroom. “Kwikspace fitted all the structures with the required accessories,” says Kwikspace Government Sector Manager Kgakgamatso Phatlane. “The external connections, however, were conducted by a third party contractor.”

    The quota allocated to Kwikspace formed part of a larger 300 modular building order, which the GDE divided among several of its suppliers. “The GDE experienced unexpected high learner enrolments at the beginning of this year,” Phatlane explains, “driving their decision to be proactive in their resource planning for the 2019 academic year. Because of overcrowding at schools and a backlog of the required number of classrooms, Kwikspace was approached to help alleviate the backlog.”

    “One of our value propositions is speed to market,” he concludes, “and Kwikspace was, and is, ideally positioned to provide the exact solution required by the GDE within the specified timeframes. The fact that our company is able to play a role in helping to improve the quality of education in our country by assisting with some of the infrastructure requirements, is a feather in our cap and something we would like to become involved in regularly.”

    Kwikspace was contracted in late January 2018 and the last of the 119 prefabricated mobile units were delivered in August.

  • Kwikspace places first operational buildings for Mpumalanga mine

    Kwikspace was contracted to manufacture, supply and erect 10 mobile units to for use at a new mine in Mpumalanga. Consisting of four single-wide and six double-wide prefabricated modular units, they were the first operational buildings to be placed on site. All units, which provide structures for four different applications on the mine, were completed and handed over during 2018, within a specified three-month timeline.

    One double-wide unit (7 x 7 m) is used as the induction office located near the entrance and five of them make up the site office block. Two of the single-wide containers (3.5 x 3.5 m) form the ablutions for the office block, and of the remaining two single-wide units, one is used for the security guard hut at site entrance and the other serves as the ablution facilities for the guard hut and induction office.

    The project was awarded on 1 November 2017 following a tender process. Part of the successful tender, according to Kwikspace Senior Accounts Manager Gerry De Beer, was due to Kwikspace’s product quality, quality of workmanship and willingness to work with the client to meet their exact requirements within budgetary constraints. In addition to the standard electrical and plumbing connections, Kwikspace was commissioned to source and install non-standard items specified by the client. These included air-conditioners, security bars and gates, verandas and walkways, external lighting, diffused internal LED lights and several high level hydro-boilers for instant boiling water.

    To ensure that the handover of the units was a seamless procedure, a complete snag checklist was agreed to by both parties prior to building handover. “This ensured an effortless handover subsequent to the final building checks carried, both of which were carried out by client representatives and two senior Kwikspace personnel,” De Beer explains. “In addition to ensuring all units were installed and equipped to spec, we aim for continued client satisfaction, which is guaranteed with our monthly aftersales service site visits.”

    “Having our locally prefabricated buildings as the first buildings on a site that is envisaged to be there for at least the next 20 years, and possibly to become one of the largest coal mines in the vicinity, is certainly a feather in our cap,” he concludes.

  • Kwikspace supplies prefabricated Early Childhood Development Centre in 2 weeks

    Kwikspace supplied a new, completely prefabricated Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre to a community in greater Cape Town as part of the city’s integrated plan to uplift the community and improve access to services.

    The R6.36-million Centre, which, in line with the city’s Social Development and Early Childhood Development Directorate will help formally prepare children for primary schooling, was delivered in two weeks in June 2018 using prefabricated building technologies from Kwikspace.

    Supplied as a turnkey project covering fabrication, construction, electrical and plumbing works, the new ECD Centre consists of seven classrooms, two ablution units and a kitchen diner – delivered through Kwikspace’s single wide and double wide park homes – together with a play area and AstroTurf soccer field with a Social Hub unit.

    With high-quality 40-mm steel clad (Aluzinc ZA150) panels filled with polyurethane at approximately 36 kg/m3, Kwikspace’s Agrément-certified park homes provide fast and cost-effective space, with excellent thermal and strength properties ensuring a minimum lifespan of 20 years for these relocatable structures.

    As part of the tender agreement, Kwikspace employed local community members, which included all technical and safety-related training, to execute the erection of the prefabricated facility.

    Over 150 000 learners in South Africa are currently accommodated in modular classrooms supplied by Kwikspace.

  • Kwikspace delivers quick solutions for mine security in Namibia

    Kwikspace is Africa’s largest manufacturer of prefabricated, modular buildings that provide alternative building solutions for any accommodation requirement across industries, applications and locations. Kwikspace was approached by a long-standing client for a solution that could be used as guard houses on a Namibian mine.

    For this project, Kwikspace provided five non-standard mobile modular buildings with specified electric and paint works. These are being used as guard houses at various look out points within the mining operation.

    Quicker than conventional building techniques, Kwikspace’s alternative building technologies are ‘Kwik to Deliver, Kwik to Setup’. Implemented as prefabricated, pre-assembled buildings, Kwikspace solutions are delivered to sites throughout Africa, quickly and cost-effectively.

    Kwikspace is renowned for its efficiency and for the quality of their products, which are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2008 and OSHAS 18001:2007 standards and have a minimum life of 20 years. “We offer a great product and exceptional service”, says Mico Botha – Kwikspace Regional Manager, Cape Town.

    Prefabricated to client-specific requirements, Kwikspace delivers within 2 to 4 weeks. Set-up of modular buildings can occur simultaneously with the site and foundation work, meaning projects can be completed 30% to 50% sooner than traditional construction. Modular buildings can be disassembled and can be relocated or refurbished for new use, reducing the demand for raw materials and minimising capital expenditure to create a building to meet the new need. Kwikspace delivers cost effective, flexible, quality-assured mobile building solutions.

  • Kwikspace assists emerging farmers in Macassar

    Historically a fishing and boat-making community, the small town of Macassar in Cape Town is branching out to farming. The Cape Agency for Sustainable Integrated Development in Rural Areas contacted Kwikspace about providing alternative building solutions that are prefabricated and modular for these emerging farmers.

    The emerging farmers of Macassar farm vegetables in tunnels and needed office space as well as a vegetable processing area. With Kwikspace’s innovative products for any sector requirement, they had the solution – two double-wide modular units. Each unit is 15 m in length by 7 m in width.

    Kwikspace is a specialist relocatable building manufacturer in South Africa. Their modular construction double-wide structures can be used for industrial, residential and commercial applications. They provide the ideal space without the costs of building fixed premises, providing a significant saving for either long-term or short-term applications. All electrical fittings like lights, light switches, plug sockets and required cabling come standard with each Kwikspace office.

    With over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing modular buildings, Kwikspace is Africa’s largest manufacturer. They offer exceptional service, fast delivery and an extensive product offering of both standard and non-standard products.

  • Kwikspace donates branded unit to Emirates Airline Park

    Kwikspace supports South African rugby with a donated modular building that will be used as a change house for Prestige Group cleaners based at Emirates Airline Park in Johannesburg.

    As Africa’s largest manufacturer of modular buildings, Kwikspace solutions can be used to meet any building requirement: for offices, dormitories and accommodation camps, classrooms, ablutions, changing rooms, kitchens and diners, hospitals, recreation rooms and more.