Single Wide Prefab Buildings

Modulat construction allows you to add buildings when required.

Single-Wide Prefab Buildings

Kwikspace, a level III BEE company and South Africa’s specialist relocatable prefabricated building manufacturer, stocks and supplies single-wide prefabricated units that measure either 3 or 3.5 m wide depending on client requirements. Each unit is available in 6, 9, 12 or 18 m lengths, enabling our customers to choose the size that provides their ideal space solution. Wider units are made by doubling up 2 units on site creating a 7 m-wide building (double-wide).

Single-wide relocatable units from Kwikspace are available for sale and to rent. They provide the ideal space without the costs of building fixed premises and can be used in commercial, residential and industrial sectors as temporary, long-term or permanent portable buildings. As portable buildings, rented modular prefabricated structures are delivered directly to your doorstep – within 5 to 10 days. Purchased units take a little longer as they are manufactured to order, and are delivered in 2 to 4 weeks. We have 6 branches across South Africa, 2 in Mozambique and 1 in Zambia, and we supply optional extras like air-conditioning, lighting and burglar bars fitted prior to delivery.

  • Extra ‘Kwik’ turnaround times. Delivery within 2 – 4 weeks (5 – 10 working days for rentals), anywhere in Africa
    From a single home or room to comprehensive mining/construction camps with amenities, we’ve got the exact structure size you need
    Cost-effective and suitable for any kind of space, from site offices to accommodation camps, parkhomes to storage facilities.
    Desks, chairs, other furniture and furnishings included on request.
    Easily demountable for fast relocation and re-erection. Any relocatable building can be quickly demounted and moved to another location.
  • Prefabs – or prefab homes are used for industrial and residential applications.

    Our panel technology is Agrément-certified.

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Single-wide portable buildings for any site,
any location, any requirement!


  • Mobile homes for sale in South Africa can be ordered from Kwikspace.

    Prefab Office Buildings

    Prefabricated offices for use across multiple industries. They make the ideal site office, plant entry office, security hut – practically any office application.

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  • Kwikspace is one of the well-known prefab constructions companies.


    As onsite laundries they can be connected for water intake and discharge, and powered for washing machines, ironing facilities and other laundry equipment.

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  • Factory build mobile homes are used on mining and construction sites, as well as on residential properties.


    Hospitals and medical centres that need more treatment space and rural clinics that are difficult to access, single-wide units offer a minimal footprint solution.

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  • Modular gouses are portable prefab homes.


    Clean, safe ablution facilities for events, remote sites, shutdowns, schools, and refurbishments. Panels used are easily cleaned, hygienic and require low maintenance.

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  • Factory build modular homes form part of our offering


    Our single-wide units are used as kitchens in schools, onsite, at events, practically anywhere. They also make the ideal temporary / onsite dining rooms for site staff.

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  • Prefab technology used allows for easy site erection.


    Also known by the generic name “park homes”, single-wide units are ideal for numerous industry and domestic single accommodation applications. Ideal for the mining and construction industries.

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Kwikspace has over 50 years’ experience in prefabricated and modular buildings.

  • Remote Camps

    Rent or own single-wide units suited to your requirements.

    Kwikspace single-wide prefabricated buildings provide a comfortable, convenient and cost-effective work space for any site and any application. They are used on construction or mine sites as mobile offices, prefab homes, security huts and many more. They offer the ideal versatile space on any site.

Portable prefab homes are ideal for remote camps.

  • ATB

    Kwikspace is the leading supplier of ABT/IBT/Green Building solutions.

    We are at the forefront of technological advances in the modular and prefabricated building industry. We follow the latest developments and adapt our modular building panels to benefit our customers with the best available systems.

Prefab structures can also be used as storage containers.

  • Prefabricated Kits

    Our contemporary offering

    Kwikspace has included Prefabricated Kits in its offering. Consisting of prefab buildings in kit form, these kits allow you to establish a completely customised site rapidly, and to your exact requirements, using proven prefab panel technologies.

What makes relocatable buildings from Kwikspace’s superior?

Not only does Kwikspace use thicker steel grade than the industry norm,
our products are insulated with polyurethane foam, providing superior strength and thermal properties than industry-standard expanded polystyrene (EPS).

The Kwikspace insulated panel is coated in 0.5 mm Aluzinc painted steel, providing improved corrosion resistance and increased durability and longevity of your prefab building.

  • Need space quickly? Get it from Kwikspace – professionally!

    Kwikspace has the largest relocatable building rental fleet in sub-Saharan Africa and permanent modular buildings are manufactured daily in our ISO 9001:2008 factory! We can deliver rented units in 10 working days or less. Units for purchase take only a little longer – delivered to site in up to 4 weeks.

    Why use Kwikspace – the prefabricated relocatable building manufacturers?


    • Fast turnaround times from order to delivery
    • Range of prefabricated building types to choose
    • Delivered to site in Africa no matter where
    • Fittings and furnishings are included



  • Single wide unit make ideal small prefab buildings

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