Handling of Personal Information on this Website

Kwikspace exercises due care to protect the personally identifiable information provided by its customers, in accordance with the Republic of South Africa’s POPI Act No. 4 of 2013 – Protection of Personal Information. This policy outlines the handling of personal information on this Website.

By providing / consenting information through this website:

  1. The Customer/Client hereby voluntarily authorises Kwikspace to process and store the Customer’s and/or its employees’ personal information (including name, credit card & banking details, physical address, telephone numbers & any other personal information). Kwikspace will act in accordance with the provisions of POPIA in collecting, processing, and storing the Clients personal information.
  2. The Customer/Client indemnifies Kwikspace against any action by the employees of the Customer insofar as processing of their personal and special personal information is concerned.
  3. Processing shall include the collection, receipt, recording, organisation, collation, storage, updating or modification, retrieval, alteration, consultation, use; dissemination by means of transmission, distribution or making available in any other form; or merging, linking, as well as blocking, degradation, erasure, or destruction of information. This consent is effective immediately and will remain until the relationship between the Customer/Client and Kwikspace has been terminated.
  4. By agreeing to the terms of Kwikspace’s Agreements, the Customer/Client expressly consents to the processing of its information for marketing purposes and knows and understands that by agreeing to same that it may receive marketing materials in the form of SMS’s, emails, and the like from Kwikspace.
  5. Kwikspace is the responsible party in respect of such personal information, as envisaged in POPI and the regulations thereto and its address and contact details appear at the top of page 1 hereof.
  6. Kwikspace herewith warrants to take appropriate, reasonable, technical and organisation measures to prevent loss of damage to or unauthorised destruction of the Customer’s personal information and unlawful access to or producing of the Customer’s personal information. Kwikspace will use all reasonable efforts to ensure that the Customer/Client personal information is kept confidential, stored in a secure manner, and processed in terms of the provisions of POPIA.
  7. It remains the responsibility of the Customer/Client to immediately advise Kwikspace of any changes to its personal information.
  8. If Kwikspace becomes aware of any unauthorised use of the Customer’s/Clients personal information, Kwikspace will notify the Customer/Client thereof.

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