Container Offices


Kwikspace manufactures prefabricated offices / container offices for use in a variety of industries, from a small site office to a complex office block, we’re able to provide your customized space solution.

Kwikspace mobile offices come standard in a single-wide (3m) or double-wide (7m) modular building widths, with standard lengths varying from 6 to 18m in 3m increments. All of these come standard with a 12-month warranty.

Container Offices

Our Kwikfire panel technology is Agrément-certified.

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Offices for any site, any location, any requirement

We’ve got a rental solution for virtually any application:

Multi-slice (Kwikspan)offices

Get an office block with the office space you require. Buildings are prefabricated in modules allowing Kwikspace to supply a wide range of prefab offices and prefab office buildings for any office requirements.

Single-wide offices

Prefabricated small single portable office space to demountable office blocks 6, 9, 12, 15 or 18m in length, all units are either 2.4 m, 3 m or 3.5 m wide and available for rent or purchase.

Double-wide offices

Buildings are 7 m wide and prefabricated in two 3.5 m ‘halves’. Unit lengths are from 6 to 18 m long increasing in 3 m increments. These units can be rented or purchased.

Kwikspace has over 50 years experience in prefabricated and modular buildings.

Ideal for any industry:




Military & Police

Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas



Aid & NGO

Power & Energy

Power & Energy


Entertainment & Sports

Container Offices

Available to rent or own.

Kwikspace container site offices provide a comfortable, convenient and cost-effective work space for any site and any application, like a construction site office or mobile office buildings, for example. They are transformed to the ideal versatile office space.

Prefabricated Building Offices

Kwikspace is South Africa’s largest manufacturer of prefabricated offices.

We have a solution for any office type – from single small offices to large custom buildings, which are available for sale or to rent.

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What makes office space from Kwikspace’s superior?

Not only does Kwikspace use thicker steel grade than the industry norm, our products are insulated with polyurethane foam, providing superior strength and thermal properties than industry-standard expanded polystyrene (EPS).

The Kwikspace insulated panel is coated in 0.42 m and 0.47 mm Aluzinc painted steel, providing improved corrosion resistance and increased durability and longevity of your prefab building.

Need office space quickly? Get it from Kwikspace – professionally!

Kwikspace has the largest modular building rental fleet in sub-Saharan Africa and permanent modular buildings are manufactured daily in our ISO 9001:2015 factory! 

Why use Kwikspace – the modular office manufacturers?

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