Prefab Building Technology

Prefab Building Technology

Kwikspace is the largest supplier of ABT (Alternative Building Technology) walling and roofing systems into the African market, with close to 50 years’ experience in prefabricated construction.

We offer various prefab building technologies for your parkhome or custom prefab structure depending on your application requirements.

All our prefab building technology is Agrément South Africa and SANAS-certified, and manufactured in our ISO-accredited manufacturing facilities in Gauteng to deliver a minimum life of 20 years.


These walling systems include:

  • KwikPremium
  • KwikFire

Our team will help you select the most appropriate technology for your prefabricated buildings, whether it is for a temporary or permanent parkhome, or supplied as a completely a custom prefab kit.


Polyurethane is significantly superior to polystyrene in this application in that:


  • It holds its form in the case of fire and does not melt, which can lead to premature building collapse and spread of the fire
    It has superior thermal properties (R1.81). Typically a 40 mm polyurethane insulated panel provides same thermal insulation as a 65 mm polystyrene panel
    It provides good acoustic properties of 34 dB
    It is moisture and insect resistant and fire retardant
    The polyurethane itself forms the bond to the steel and does not rely on adhesives, which means no delamination over time


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  • mobile park homes and mobile offices for sale in south Africa are ideal for construction sites. Park home manufacturers Kwikspace, provide portable office space with portable office trailers.

    Our Kwikfire panel technology is Agrément-certified.

Our prefabricated building technologies:

Our team will help you select the most appropriate technology for your site build.


    KWIKPREMIUM technology is a high-quality 40-mm steel clad panel filled with polyurethane at 36kg/m3.

    This high-strength panel provides excellent thermal properties (R1.81), is fire retardant, and resists moisture and ingress of dust and insects. The polyurethane bonds to the steel, avoiding the need for adhesives and eliminating delamination. It is the fastest and most cost-effective ABT system to erect.

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    KwikFire technology utilises the same high-quality polyurethane-filled, 40 mm steel clad panel except it is manufactured with an additional 12 mm magnesium oxide board in the panel. This extra board provides a 30-minute fire resistance rating.

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