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Kwik, safe modular classrooms for Ngcobo school

Thousands of schools across the country lack the infrastructure necessary to provide learners with the quality education which they are legally entitled to receive. School infrastructure is still largely inadequate. Kwikspace has been sub-contracted to provide 13 modular classrooms for the 450 high school learners at Sitoza Senior Secondary School in Upper Gqobonco, Ngcobo, in the Eastern Cape.

According to South African education Norms and Standards, each classroom must accommodate between 35 and 40 learners per class. This is the size of Kwikspace’s modular classrooms. “The standard modular classroom is 49 – 56 m²,” says Glen Moss, Area Manager for Kwikspace Eastern Cape. Kwikspace classrooms come standard with two chalkboards, pin boards at the back of the class, electrical fittings and plug points.

The Department of Education in the Eastern Cape will be building a new brick and mortar school for these 450 learners and Alex Maintenance was contracted to supply the classrooms. In order to avoid any disruption of schooling, Kwikspace was sub-contracted to provide modular classrooms that are an innovative, cost-effective, flexible way to provide necessary space in a hurry.

Kwikspace’s innovative prefabricated mobile units deliver safe, fast, hygienic modular building options for any school requirement. They are rapidly deployed and easily transported. “With a lifespan of up to 30 years, Kwikspace modular classrooms provide long-term spaces to learn and grow”, says Moss.