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Kwikspace: Leaders in prefabricated solutions for over 50 years

– Kwikspace, Africa’s foremost provider of prefabricated buildings for rent or sale, celebrates over five decades of delivering tailor-made solutions across diverse industries. With expertise spanning schools, clinics, mining, construction, and humanitarian efforts, Kwikspace consistently prioritises exceptional customer service and top-quality products. The company offers Agr√©ment certification upon client request, coupled with adherence to stringent manufacturing standards like ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 9001:2015.


The ‘Kwik’ solution

With the largest rental fleet in sub-Saharan Africa, Kwikspace sets the industry standard with extra ‘Kwik’ turn-around times. They cater to various needs from single homes to comprehensive mining and construction camps. Their structures, ranging from offices and houses to ablutions and storage facilities, come with a minimum rated lifespan of 20 years and a maintenance plan. The Kwikspace rental solution allows construction and mining companies immediate expansion as their workforces grow. Kwikspace’s commitment to efficiency is further reflected in their rapid delivery and installation, ensuring units become livable within days.


Versatile solutions for every need

For those seeking a more permanent solution, Kwikspace offers Kwik Kits‚Äďbuildings available in kit form for DIY projects. Easy to assemble with instructions and drawings, these structures provide a cost-effective and customisable alternative. With off-the-shelf panels, windows, and doors, Kwik Kits offer flexibility in design, ensuring a tailored fit for any project.


Providing comfort in the mining sector

Kwikspace’s modular buildings are highly sought after in the mining sector, offering mine workers a comfortable space after long, strenuous days. Beyond housing, their structures provide ablutions, offices, and recreational facilities, contributing to the overall well-being and work fulfilment of miners. Choosing a Kwikspace prefab means choosing a convenient solution that complies with industry working standards while giving workers a home away from home.


A network that reaches everywhere

With strategically positioned branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, and Port Elizabeth, Kwikspace ensures efficient access to sites across the entire continent of Africa. Additional satellite facilities in Kathu, Nelspruit, Secunda, and Richards Bay, coupled with a new facility in George and Polokwane, showcase Kwikspace’s commitment to expanding their reach and capabilities. A state-of-the-art panel manufacturing plant ensures stringent processes, guaranteeing the highest quality fit for onsite and mobile units.