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Kwikspace, Africa’s Largest Supplier of Prefabricated Buildings

Kwikspace has built a reputation for its rapid supply of prefabricated units to provide solutions to customers who require relief for planned or unplanned crises over the past 50 years. Kwikspace offers a cost-effective and smart solution for any application due to its flexibility and customisability, that can be hired or purchased, with convenient, quick turnaround times.

To illustrate Kwikspace’s quick turnaround times, 11 Kwikspace units were recently supplied one day after a received order for a primary school in Sekhune, Limpopo, which suffered extreme weather damage to their existing classrooms. The Kwikspace solution, purchased from its long-term client, the Limpopo Department of Education, enabled up to 42 learners per classroom to promptly commence with their vital education in a safe environment. The school has purchased the units for permanent use with the intention to increase the school’s enrolment capacity after repairs have been implemented on their existing buildings.

Another recently completed and significant project from Kwikspace included planned COVID-19 testing station units at the Komatipoort border between South Africa and Mozambique. Kwikspace supplied two units to their client, Msanda Laboratories, to serve as a weatherproof, and luxurious replacement to their gazebo structures in which their pathological tests took place prior to the units. Kwikspace was extremely proud to witness their units achieve their full potential for the customer’s application – after customisation and interior design, an aesthetically pleasing environment was created that was almost unrecognisable as a container.

Kwikspace offers modular buildings for a range of applications. Applications include modular accommodation units (single units to a village of units), kitchens and diners, ablutions, clinics, classrooms, offices, remote mining sites and construction camps, and extended space of existing buildings. The following is pre-installed: doors, windows, plumbing pipes, electrical conducts, and lights. Additional features can be installed in the units, making the units more appropriate and user friendly for its specific application. For instance, classrooms can have whiteboards, sinks, and bathrooms installed, furthermore, classrooms in harsh environments can include verandas and aircons.

Kwikspace offers various standard units, from single-wides (3 x 3 m) to (17,42 x 3,58 m) and double-wides (7 x 7 m) to (34,84 x 7 m). The Kwikspace units are constructed with steel, thicker than that of an industry standard, and polyurethane foam for insulation. The latter offers additional thermal properties and strength than that of standard expanded polystyrene (EPS). For increased durability and longevity, unit panels are coated in 0.42 mm and 0.47 mm aluzinc painted steel for a corrosion-resistant finish.

Kwikspace additionally offers KWIKPREMIUM, a 40 mm steel clad panel filled with polyurethane at 36kg/m3. The polyurethane bonds to the steel, avoiding the need for adhesives and eliminating delamination. This is ideal for applications that require a solution that is fire retardant, offers exceptional thermal properties (R value = 1.81), and resists moisture, dust, and insects. It is the fastest and most cost-effective Alternative Buildings System to erect.

With eight strategically placed branches across South Africa, Kwikspace can provide fast support and services for the convenience of its customers across sub-Saharan Africa. Kwikspace has branches located in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban, satellite offices are located in North West, Mpumalanga, Secunda, and Kathu.

Kwikspace units meet ISO standards and have a minimum guarantee of 20 years.