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Kwikspace contributes to “Schooling 2025” goal

In a report released by the Department of Basic Education (DBE), Action Plan to 2014: Towards the Realisation of Schooling 2025, a number of priority areas that needed addressing were outlined. These included:

improving access to education

-providing safe buildings

-providing learning and teaching materials promptly

-increasing educator numbers and improving their skills

 Building on the work that has already been accomplished and continuing to strive towards the greater “Schooling 2025” goal, we are pleased to contribute towards this progress by providing a number of schools with suitable classrooms and buildings.

 In Gauteng, specifically, we have been contracted by the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) to supply 64 classrooms and six Grade R units throughout 2017, together with our partners Tendiwanga Engineering and Khauki Construction.

 To date, we have created 80 jobs to benefit local communities. This has also included skills development in the following areas: plastering, pave laying, roofing, slab and foundation laying, slab foundation, construction, plumbing and electrics. We are happy to report that the rollout thereof has been incredibly successful thus far.