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Kwikspace helps Kuruman Hospital with COVID-19 clinic requirements

Kwikspace was contracted to supply the structure for a 50-patient clinic at the Northern Cape’s Kuruman hospital, which will be specifically used for testing and treating COVID-19 patients. The project, financed by one of the multinational mining houses with operations in the area, was implemented because of the increase of COVID-19 cases in the region during August and September 2020.

To realise the required space, Kwikspace used its Kwikspan technology (also known as multi-slice), which is used to fabricate relocatable buildings in factory modules. Two Kwikspan modules and one double-wide, double-long building were linked to create the clinic, which consists of isolation units, an ICU ward, nurses station and main building.

The 10-week project, which included installing air conditioning, window blinds, glass double swing doors, and internal and external skirting, was concluded in mid-November. “The exterior skirting completes the building, providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance that enhances the image of the clinic,” says Gerry de Beer, Senior Accounts Manager, Kwikspace.

Supply and installation of internal electrics and plumbing formed part of the scope of work, while Kuruman Hospital assumed responsibility for external reticulation.

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