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Kwikspace increases storage space in capacity-swamped school

Kwikspace went to the rescue of Matroosbergweg Primary School in Belhar, a Cape Town suburb in the Cape Flats. Owing to space constraints after the influx of 2019 learners, the school has created an impromptu classroom tent. The tent, which now accommodates 152 learners from two different grades, is at capacity too, leaving little space to safely store goods and items needed to facilitate learning in this environment.

 Kwikspace, who learnt of this dilemma in mid-January 2019, immediately contacted the school to find ways they could contribute to alleviating the space challenges faced. These discussions resulted in Kwikspace delivering a 6 m shipping container converted for storage purposes in only three days after initiating contact.

The storage container, which has been lent to Matroosbergweg Primary at no cost for three months, is already in use and playing its own role in accommodating this large number of learners.

“Kwikspace is committed to providing support for the upliftment of education in South Africa,” commented Deon Fuhri, CEO, Kwikspace. “We’re happy to have been in a position to provide this much needed space at short notice. Education and social upliftment are at the core of Kwikspace’s CSI initiatives.”