You are currently viewing Kwikspace mobile units exceed brick-and-mortar expectations

Kwikspace mobile units exceed brick-and-mortar expectations

When compared to a standard brick-and-mortar building, our Kwikspace mobile units exceed expectations.  Kwik installation, cost-effectiveness, flexibility and adaptability of use, as well as guaranteed high-quality and convenient on-site delivery across South Africa, make these units sought-after by clients across industries.

There are 5 powerful reasons to choose Kwikspace modular buildings:

  1. Kwik delivery. Kwik setup. Unlike brick-and-mortar, our units can be delivered in just 2 – 4 weeks. Additionally, we remove all the taxing and time-consuming administration work associated with builds, such as plans approval, sourcing building materials, schedule interruptions, inclement weather and unplanned labour/building costs.
  1. Cost-Effective. By purchasing or hiring a Kwikspace unit, our customers reduce their capital expenditure of civil costs, when compared to building a brick-and-mortar solution. Customers have also seen long-term savings benefits, as our units are easily relocatable for use on another project, are customisable and adaptable for future requirements and necessitate less maintenance. 
  1. Flexible & adaptable. Our customised solutions can be of any size for any industry, from mining to education. We offer various building-types, including classrooms, accommodation, kitchens, ablutions and clinics.

    Our units can also be upgraded or fitted with customised elements, from blackboards to sinks and furniture, making the solution flexible, adaptable and fit-for-purpose.
  1. Guaranteed quality. Matching brick-and-mortar expectations, we guarantee that our solutions will serve a minimum lifespan of 20 years, making them ideal for permanent installations. Furthermore, all Kwikspace solutions are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 standards.
  1. On-site delivery, across Africa. We deliver to your site, anywhere in South Africa, in under a month. With a network of branches across South Africa, we ensure fast delivery to your site. This also means that we are always nearby if you need assistance with maintaining, upgrading or re-customising your unit. Over and above the supply of our standard prefabricated mobile buildings in South-Africa, we offer customised Kwik Kit solutions to various sub-Saharan countries, where buildings can be constructed just as kwikly.  

Gone are the days where prefabricated solutions were a ‘quick-fix’ solution, as our modular units deliver more benefits than a standard brick-and-mortar building. Get in touch with your local Kwikspace office, to discuss your requirements.