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Kwikspace places first operational buildings for Mpumalanga mine

Kwikspace was contracted to manufacture, supply and erect 10 mobile units to for use at a new mine in Mpumalanga. Consisting of four single-wide and six double-wide prefabricated modular units, they were the first operational buildings to be placed on site. All units, which provide structures for four different applications on the mine, were completed and handed over during 2018, within a specified three-month timeline.

One double-wide unit (7 x 7 m) is used as the induction office located near the entrance and five of them make up the site office block. Two of the single-wide containers (3.5 x 3.5 m) form the ablutions for the office block, and of the remaining two single-wide units, one is used for the security guard hut at site entrance and the other serves as the ablution facilities for the guard hut and induction office.

The project was awarded on 1 November 2017 following a tender process. Part of the successful tender, according to Kwikspace Senior Accounts Manager Gerry De Beer, was due to Kwikspace’s product quality, quality of workmanship and willingness to work with the client to meet their exact requirements within budgetary constraints. In addition to the standard electrical and plumbing connections, Kwikspace was commissioned to source and install non-standard items specified by the client. These included air-conditioners, security bars and gates, verandas and walkways, external lighting, diffused internal LED lights and several high level hydro-boilers for instant boiling water.

To ensure that the handover of the units was a seamless procedure, a complete snag checklist was agreed to by both parties prior to building handover. “This ensured an effortless handover subsequent to the final building checks carried, both of which were carried out by client representatives and two senior Kwikspace personnel,” De Beer explains. “In addition to ensuring all units were installed and equipped to spec, we aim for continued client satisfaction, which is guaranteed with our monthly aftersales service site visits.”

“Having our locally prefabricated buildings as the first buildings on a site that is envisaged to be there for at least the next 20 years, and possibly to become one of the largest coal mines in the vicinity, is certainly a feather in our cap,” he concludes.