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Kwikspace’s customised office solution boosts client’s business offering

Derprops, a storage/warehousing and trucking specialist, needed to expand the office leasing operation at its Blackheath (Western Cape) premises. To achieve this quickly and cost-effectively, Derprops purchased a customised prefabricated office unit from Kwikspace.

While a similar brick-and-mortar building would have cost anything from R9 000/m2, Kwikspace’s prefabricated solution cost approximately R6 000 per m2.  It was ready-built for rapid delivery and installation, ensuring minimal disruption of client operations on site. Derprops placed the order for the purchase of this new office unit on 13 August 2021 and the unit was completed and delivered in 6 weeks.

Kwikspace’s office units come standard with fully fitted electrics, vinyl flooring and aluminium windows with burglar bars. “All are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018, guaranteeing a minimum lifespan of 20 years on the building,” explains Jean-Paul Heyns, Kwikspace Account Manager, Cape Town. Customers can select the colour of the aluminium windows and doors, floors and exterior trims, to customise their unit. At an additional cost, there is also a choice of the types of windows and doors that can be fitted to the unit. “The production process remains relatively similar, but the production lead time is longer if the aluminium has to be powder coated or if the client requests shop front hinge doors, which need to be manufactured,” elaborates Heyns.

Derprops sought to give the unit a modern smart look and selected charcoal aluminium windows, a large shopfront aluminium hinge door (also in charcoal) and fixed pane charcoal windows on the gable ends of the building for extra light to flood the long passage of the building. They also selected dark charcoal-coloured vinyl sheeting for the floors and a charcoal aluminium sliding door for the boardroom. “The exterior trims were also made charcoal to match the overall look and finally, the roof sheets fitted are also charcoal,” says Heyns.

Derprops wanted to position the new office unit on a loading dock on their premises, which was no longer in use; they arranged for a crane, which facilitated lifting and positioning of the office unit, on top of the dock.

Kwikspace manufactures prefabricated offices for rental or purchase. These come standard with a 12-month warranty and clients can order office furnishings, such as lamps, desks, chairs, etc, to complete their office as required.