You are currently viewing Kwikspace’s prompt supply gets schooling back on track for Dikgalaopeng Primary School in Sekhukhune.

Kwikspace’s prompt supply gets schooling back on track for Dikgalaopeng Primary School in Sekhukhune.

After eight classrooms at Dikgalaopeng Primary School, in the Limpopo province, suffered severe damage due to extreme weather, the local Department of Education purchased 11 prefabricated classroom units from Kwikspace, to provide relief to the school. The classroom units allow learners to commence the school year in a safe learning environment, while the school carries out the necessary repairs to the damaged classrooms.

Kwikspace supplied 11 double-wide 56 m2 units (measuring 8 x 7 m), that accommodate about 42 learners each. Each classroom unit comes fitted with whiteboards and pinboards, but the Department of Education ordered additional air conditioners and verandas, to ensure the classroom units would be comfortable for students, even in the high temperatures typical of Limpopo. For the installation, Kwikspace collaborated with a local construction company to prepared the site, electrify the units, and join them, as well as the Department of Education, which supplied furniture for the units.

Due to the emergent nature of the order, Kwikspace prioritised the rapid supply of the classroom units for the customer, dispatching the classroom units just one day after the order was received. This ensured that Dikgalaopeng’s students could commence their schooling promptly on 18 January 2022, without delays for the repairs to the school’s classrooms.

Kwikspace, Africa’s largest supplier of prefabricated building solutions, is the preferred supplier of the Limpopo Department of Education. The purchase of the 11 classroom units for Dikgalaopneg Primary School not only serves to provide relief while the school repairs the damaged classroom buildings but will also increase the school’s enrollment capacity.

“Kwikspace holds great pride in our quick turnaround times, and in this case it ensured that students of Dikgalaopeng Primary School were able to returned to school for their vital educational activities, without delay” says Roberto Campos.