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Kwikspace Outlines the Benefits of Renting Modular Buildings as the Construction Sector Improves

Versatile Modular Units Meet Growing Construction Sector Demand

The South African construction industry has welcomed the anticipated industry upturn following several difficult years. However, economic challenges resulting from the global supply chain disruption will see companies looking to save on costs, without compromising on quality. Kwikspace, Africa’s premier supplier of modular buildings, outlines how renting its prefabricated units provides a cost-effective solution to meet South Africa’s growing construction needs.


Construction Industry Growth

A report by Research and Markets indicates that, while the construction industry has been declining since 2016 “…it will start to show some improvement in 2024, picking up from the low level of output in 2023, supported by investments in transport, renewable energy and water infrastructure projects.”

Major allocations of government spending have been directed to improvements in road, water, and housing infrastructure to benefit South African citizens, but the urgent demand for such infrastructure development countrywide requires the necessary support. Construction companies will need to look at where they can reduce on-site costs, while providing quality facilities for their hard-working employees who are away from home for long periods.


Kwikspace Offers a Holistic Solution

“A major expense for many construction companies is setting up temporary construction camps and office sites from which to operate,” said JP Heyns, Account Manager at Kwikspace. “These are temporary in nature, but still need to provide a safe, affordable, and comfortable space on-site.”

Boasting the largest rental fleet in South Africa, Kwikspace’s modular units are a versatile solution that can be delivered anywhere, anytime. These can be used as offices, ablutions, accommodation, kitchens, diners, clinics, laundries, and recreation facilities to suit all on-site construction needs.

Heyns said having the right infrastructure in place also ensures the construction sites remain 100% compliant in terms of health and safety: “This needs to be a home away from home for those who are actively building South Africa. Having a comfortable, safe and clean living, ablution, and recreational facilities has a positive impact on a worker’s on-site experience, particularly after a grueling day of construction work.”


Kwikspace Contributes to South Africa’s Growth

Claude Naidoo, Sales Manager – Rentals at Kwikspace, explains that the company has expanded its footprint to meet the growing market demand: “For many years, Kwikspace operated with four branches; Johannesburg, Durban, Gqeberha, and Cape Town. However, we have adopted a strategic focus of opening satellite branches to increase our footprint and scope of supply in local regions.”

These include branches in Kathu in the Northern Cape, Nelspruit, Secunda, Richards Bay, newly opened George branch, and Polokwane.

“We pride ourselves in understanding the infrastructure requirements of local communities, and the country as a whole. Positioning ourselves in the best possible way to meet these needs is part of the strategy. We truly believe that having the right infrastructure impacts people on a micro and macro scale. This is why Kwikspace is such a vital partner to the construction industry. We provide the practical support needed to build South Africa,” concludes Naidoo.


Kwikspace Continues to Look to the Future

Kwikspace draws on its 51 years of industry experience to meet growing market demands. In addition to expanding its footprint, the company has implemented several programmes to increase capacity while retaining quality for new and existing clients. With its nationwide footprint, Kwikspace is able to deliver modular rentals wherever they are needed in minimal time, within budget and safety parameters.

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