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Pic1 PR 5260 5 waves of change to strengthen Kwikspace for the next 50

5 waves of change to strengthen Kwikspace for the next 50 years

In the year of their golden anniversary, Kwikspace has undergone changes to safeguard their position as South Africa’s leading prefabricated building supplier for the next 50 years.

  1. Achieved Level one BB-BEE

Kwikspace has been acquired by AIH Limited, a private equity company and Lehumo Kwikspace Holdings SPV PTY LTD. The purchase is beneficial for Kwikspace’s growth. With a higher Level 1 B-B-BEE status Kwikspace has more opportunities to tender on additional projects such as projects for schools, hospitals and more.

  1. Expansion to new provinces

Kwikspace has added to its five national branches by opening two new branches in Mpumalanga and Richard’s Bay. The Mpumalanga branch is the company’s first in the province. These new branches will enable Kwikspace to reach many more people who will benefit from the services it provides in a shorter timeframe.

  1. Dignifying spaces with new units

Kwikspace upheld its vision and mission to dignify and improve lives by suppling units, the majority were for the Department of Education. Kwikspace prefabricated solutions provide safe, equipped, and diverse spaces that range from schools to clinics.  

  1. A well-rounded internship programme that turns out high-performing candidates.  

Kwikspace is committed to the communities in which it operates and to the people who drive the company forward, in light of this, Kwikspace conducts internship programmes that aim to upskill people from previously disadvantaged groups, both within the company and to external groups. The two SETA accredited programmes are offered to graduates who have recently completed their studies and for a period of 6-8 months for people still studying.

  1. 50 – year celebration

Kwikspace celebrated its 50th year in business, over the last 5 decades Kwikspace has become Africa’s largest and preferred supplier of prefabricated buildings. Kwikspace supplies a wide range of buildings for purchase or rent. They include bathrooms, dormitories, kitchens, and clinics. Kwikspace looks forward to making the next 50 years better than the last!

“Our goal for the next 50 years is to provide even more safe and reliable spaces to help improve the lives of people in our communities so they can flourish, says CEO Dirk Steinberg and, “We believe these five waves of change position our company in great stead to achieve this.”